[Slowhand] The Great White Hope

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as far as great white hope goes, i have two words.....Joe Bonamassa!!

yes, i agree, mayer's vocalizations cannot be followed without a lyric sheet, and he looks pretty funny too as he sings, but he plays guitar well above average, in many different styles and tones.....

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John Mayer, while occasionally interesting as an acousitc 'guitarist,' is, as far as 'the blues' is concerned, nothing but fluff.

If Mayer is the new 'great white hope' for 'the blues' ... well, then, 'the blues' is in bigger trouble than I thought.

I will remain connected to, (however mouldy and shop-worn, trodden upon and looked down at with contempt by many as "that old stuff"), Mr. Otis Rush, Mr. Freddie King, Mr. Albert King, Mr. BB King, Little Milton Campbell, Mr. Chester Burnett, Mr. Johnny Shines, Mr. McKinley Morganfield, Mr. Willie "Fuckin'" Dixon, Mr. Robert Johnson, Mr. Buddy Guy, Mr. Eddie House, Mr. Charles Patton, Mr. Charles Brown, Mr. Paul Butterfield, Mr. Peter Greenbaum, and even, yes, Mr. Eric Clapton and many many more (a list longer than my tired fingers have the will to type out) that will stand the test of time and tides, for *my* blues, thank you very much.




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