[Slowhand] Far East Tour Stage Backdrop Lighting

Duncan McKie Duncan.McKie at infinity.co.nz
Mon Jan 22 18:45:03 EST 2007

Well it's 5 nights till the Mission Concert here in NZ ,outdoors and the
forecast is looking good.

Don't know what Stage gear they are bringing but the Mission are
building the biggest Stage in 13 years of concerts.

Absolutely no Buzz here in Wellington (The Rock Stations are heavily
promoting the Roger Waters concerts this week) but in Hawke's Bay where
the Concert is, the interest is building. There is also heavy
advertising on radio and TV of the Clapton/JJ Cale CD

BTW, the Australasian Chronicles live tracks seem to be from 24 nights
as well as ONCOMR. Nice enough package that must have taken them 5-10
mins to put together

Duncan McKie
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Looking at pictures of the current Far East Tour, it seems they left the
stage backdrop lighting at home - probably too expensive to cart along,
considering the big jumps they're making from one country to the next.
In Europe and the US it would be easily transported by road.


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