[Slowhand] Melbourne Sunday night

JYB weedweed at tiscali.fr
Fri Feb 2 06:02:11 EST 2007


I remember some post here at the beginning of the tour
stating that it was not worth the effort anymore to attend
EC 2006 tour regarding the somewhat boring crowd pleaser

Who would imagine that the situation woul devolve this way?

Although I was lucky to attend the very first leg of the
european tour, including the electric version of "Running On
Faith" and the still fabulous version of "Wonderful
Tonight", at the time EC reached Asia I was quite desperate
not to be able to witness "Tell the Truth" and "Little
Wing". [please come back to Europe and grace us with these!]

And then some voices said "uh Eric did not play the usual
crowd pleasers..." [funny no?]*.
In some way, we have always some reasons to say this was
not perfect and it would have been better if... [and this
include myself].

But on the other hand, this 2006/2007 tour was enjoyable,
and I enjoyed the ones I attended. [Motherless Children
featuring these 3 slide is still ringing like mad in my
brain - where is the doctor?].

Yes only 16 tunes now instead of 19 but first this is
quality over quantity.

How long was the show?

If it is still a 2 hours running show then actualy no loss
of music but some extended guitar playing between these
three instead...


* : maybe the next tour will feature different setlist, each
night labelled CP, DHF, DDHF or GEF

CP : crowd pleaser
DHF : die hard fan
DDHF : double die hard fan
GEF : generaly enjoyable fan

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