[Slowhand] "Over the Rainbow" for Billy

K S backlezz at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 9 11:03:26 EST 2007

Blond Rocker,

Yes, I think I got you right, that EC played a tribute to Billy last summer.

But the thing is, I cannot find Over the Rainbow in the set for any of the
European dates in 2006.

Billy passed away June 6, 2006. A particular boot from this date has Over
the Rainbow as a hidden track. According to the Geetarz site it's recorded
on the 2001 Reptile tour, in Buffalo.

Correct me if I'm wrong.



Blond Rocker wrote:
"Perhaps my earlier post was not clear. I have a boot where EC sang "Over
the Rainbow" FOR BILLY PRESTON during the European tour 2006 (perhaps it was
Finland) the night Billy died or a few nights later.

Here's my original post again...

Someone sent me a boot from a gig from European 2006 tour...on the night or
a few nights after Billy Preston passed, EC added "Over the Rainbow" in
Billy's memory...i thought the disk was done and was going to pop it
out..but then
heard something was starting...it was the extra song for Billy...nice guy
that Slowhand..."

backlezz at hotmail.com writes:
"From what I can gather the "Over the Rainbow" on a boot from June 6 is
recorded in Buffalo on June 15, 2001.

However, I don't doubt that EC was thinking of good ol' Billy during the
period of the latter's passing...

Any news about ECs rumoured Glastonbury appearance? I still hope for a
festival tour of Europe before the probable Crossroads Fest II.



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