[Slowhand] EC - Billy Preston ..... Over the Rainbow mystery

Scott Wallenberg scottw at racerxill.com
Fri Feb 9 18:34:02 EST 2007

Hey Rocker,

Now this here's a real mystery.....
Billy passed away in the USA on June 6th in Arizona Pacific Time Zone. ( I
could not find the exact time of death ) With Eric being in Leipzig Germany
that is a 9 hour time difference so he must have gotten the word a very
short time before going on that night in Leipzig.

He did dedicate the song Back Home to Billy as read here in a Review by
Christian Grube / Germany here is his partial post:

<<<The Concert of Eric Clapton at the Messehalle 1 in Leipzig was very
emotional and very good. When Eric came on stage you could see that he was
very sad about the death of Billy Preston. He played the set for Billy. At
the beginning of "Back Home" he said "This one is for Billy", not "Billy,
we'll never forget you". As he played "Back Home" we could see some tears in
Eric's eyes.Much people in the first row too

As you might know from my previous posts....I am collecting at least one
version of every song played on the tour and I have checked every set list
posted. Not one mention of him or the current band playing Somewhere over
the Rainbow on this tour.
On the


Could someone have added a version as a gift for you ( was the audio signal
consistent with the rest of the concert) or was one of EC's 2001 versions
played on the House PA at the close of the concert when the lights go back

Hard to believe that Eric would do the song without rehearsing it with the
band or play it only once unless he did it solo?

Inquiring minds want to know :-)


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