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Sonny Landreth also appeared at the 2004 Crossroads Festival, but
perhaps was only involved in the workshops. As far as I can recall Sonny
does not feature on the DVD, which is a crying shame, because I would
certainly like to see Eric and Sonny play together at some stage. That
possibility would seem less likely now that Eric employs another pretty
handy slide player.......




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It seems likely that there will be a second coming of the Crossroads
Guitar Festival. It is also likely that someone from Camp EC monitors
these discussions. So, I would like to make a few suggestions to make
the second Crossroads Guitar Festival even better than the first. Maybe
this will spawn some discussion about what we liked and disliked about
the Festival.

First, you simply have to feature some female guitar players. I know -
Bonnie Raitt was in Atlanta and Rory Block was in Kentucky during the
first Festival. But Guitar Player magazine has slammed the Festival on
three different occasions over this point. According to Pollstar, either
artist should be available in late July. There are many other capable
female guitar players, but may I suggest Rodrigo y Gabriela? Gabriela
alternates between Latin/flamenco stylings and playing her acoustic
guitar like a drum.

Second, there were simply too many wonderful moments that were not on
the DVD. I understand licensing concerns, but to interrupt songs by
Honeyboy Edwards and Robert Lockwood Junior seems criminal. How can a
DVD truly represent a Guitar Festival yet omit Jeff Beck onstage with
Eric Clapton? Neil Schoen's opened the Cotton Bowl concert with thirty
minutes of Hendrix songs. Stunning, yet only a few seconds were featured
in the montage. Lawrence Juber played an entire version of the electric
"Layla" on an acoustic guitar. He even included the little bird sound at
the end! I have never seen so many people remain silent for so long.
James Burton, Doyle Dykes, Marty Stuart and Jed Williams' rockabilly
sendoff for Ronald Regan, who died the previous evening, was quite

Third, WHY was the first song on the DVD "Cocaine???" The cause was a
drug rehab center. I realize the song discourages cocaine use, but I
don't think casual fans see it that way. Even Clapton has observed that
the song is ambiguous. Clapton could have referenced the Crossroads
Centre by performing "Crossroads" and "Let It Grow." ("Crossroads" was
supposed to be performed by Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and maybe Z.Z. Topp,
but it looked like we were about to be hit by a Texas twister.)


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