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Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 14 08:48:06 EST 2007

> Sonny Landreth also appeared at the 2004

> Crossroads Festival, but perhaps was only

> involved in the workshops.

Going from memory here...I think Sonny Landreth was part of the Cotton Bowl show. Unfortunately, I had to choose between seeing him and seeing James Burton. Having recently seen Sonny with John Hiatt, James got the nod.

In my last post, I was mistaken - part of Neil Schoen's "Star Spangled Banner" was played over the DVD credits. So he was featured, I suppose. Still, video would have been nice. Pretty cool seeing Randy Jackson in his band creating music instead of just critiquing it.

A couple of other moments from the show that were not featured in the DVD:

1) Dan Tyminski said that his office received a fax inviting him to participate. He said he thought it was a mistake, but decided to show up anyway!

2) Eric Johnson's guitar tech tried desperately, and in vain, to get Clapton to join Johnson on stage.

3) It would have been nice for the DVD to show some footage of the vendor area, the Dallas Guitar show and the exhibit of Clapton's soon-to-be auctioned guitars. It would have helped convey how big the event was.

4) Fans were actually able to meet some performers. For example, I met Joe Bonamassa checking out the Dallas Guitar Show. Pat Metheny and others did meet and greet sessions. Daryl Jones, who plays bass for the Stones, was milling around the vendor booths. I don't think he performed with anyone - he was just there as a fan. Then there was that other guy I met purely by accident...
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