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Thu Feb 15 18:56:35 EST 2007

You are in luck, Rene. Check this site for the live CD: http://www.roy-rogers.com/splash.php
I have it and it is excellent! Reportedly, there is a video DVD of this performance due out soon.

I would like to think that Rogers will be at the Guitar Festival in July/Chicago...oops, no. I just checked and Rogers will be in Norway.
Nope, they have never played together. Roy Rogers is an amazing live-performer. Not many
comes close to him, when he is playing his Delta Blues. I have enjoyed him several times
in Copenhagen and he is ALWAYS good. AND friendly after the show. A very nice person. You MUST go see him live. Unfortunately his records are not of the same intensive class so
you can't get an idea of his show from them even if they are well played and produced.
Last time - a couple of years ago - he was in Copenhagen, he told that there actually was
a live record coming, but I haven't seen it yet.
All the best/hilsen
Ren? Aagaard

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