[Slowhand] Remasters

Dave McAffee davemcaffee at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 27 13:42:07 EST 2007

I have all of Clapton's commercial releases on CD ( I was not around for
vinyl, my wife may have a cassette). But anyway I have recently been
looking at all the different remasters and reissues. For example Layla has
been given the go around from the master tapes multiple times. There is the
sessions remaster, 24kt gold, 20 bit and the SACD. I know there have been
recent releases of the 461, Desreali, and Bluesbreakers. Now my question
is, which remasters are better? Is there a noticable difference? People pay
hundreds of dollars for the 24kt gold cds. And Layla in surround sound
could be awesome. What is your experience? Is it worth the cost for a 24kt
got cd. Do the remasters clean up the sound and increase the quality or are
they just poorly digitalized versions of the original masters reissued just
to make a buck.


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