[Slowhand] Musings From Houston Show

Apurva Parikh apuraja8 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 6 11:29:13 EST 2007

Hello Folks.. Was going to post some initial thoughts right after the show,
but decided to wait and let things simmer in the brain..

Sorry I couldn't meet up with the other folks, we had to hustle just to make
it in time for Mr. Cray, babysitter issues! gah!

In any case, here are some of my thoughts, list style.

1. Robert Cray is a very very underrated guitar player, he's steady,
unspectacular but a rock and plays the blues very mean. I love the song "21"
or is it "20"? In any case he came, four piece outfit and just rocked out
for the most part.

2. Sitting on the floor about 15-20 rows away from the man, wasn't as bad as
I thought in terms of viewing, people sat down for the most part, save for a
few moments here and there. It is a clapton show after all, my wife and i
commented on how we loved the laid back feel of the audience.

3. Derek Trucks tone.. Holy schmoly! I bought Songlines last week and the cd
is dope. I love the guys playing and the way he shows so much humility.

4. Doyle, getting a lot of love from the audience, in fact my wife developed
a crush on the lanky texan. I think he provides a good foil to Derek and is
a good singer in his own right. I'll take him over John mayer anyday.

5. the setlist was awesome, i know a lot of the folks hoping for the hits
were dissapointed, but this setlist plays to the bands strengths and allows
Eric room to do his thing but not carry the entire show himself.

6. Steve Jordan is a force to be reckoned with on the skins

7. the acoustic set was decent, i liked outside woman blues and driftin and
nobody knows you was a huge fan pleaser. Running on Faith, was ok, as was
WT, could have lived without those two.

8. Eric's playing.. He shared a lot of the soloing time and he seems to be
happy with sharing the soloing duties.. He didnt' say much at all in between
songs, just stuck to the business at hand, which made the show feel a little
too planned and business as usual. I was hoping for a Jimmy vaughan guest
but i guess SA got it this time (Houston got it in 2001 the last time EC was
in houston). I dont know technically how his guitar playign compares to past
tours, his solos are always moving in the live format, no matter how long or

He played a Blonde Strat for the encore numbers - is this normal?

9. 1 hour 40 mins for the show, seemed to go by a bit too quickly

10. Fashion Updates (sorry DN).. did Eric wear the same thign for all three
texas shows (black shirt/jeans?) lol..


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