[Slowhand] San Jose

Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 13 00:59:40 EDT 2007

Hi Gang,

As in 2004, I will be attending the San Jose show. Sort of odd, considering that I live in North Carolina...

Since it will be Derek Trucks' last show, I hope to celebrate with the Derek Trucks Head On A Stick With Detachable Yarn Ponytail. Unfortunately, I have not yet created it. Does anyone have a suitable high resolution photo? Some of Sam's might work.

Incidentally, the EC Head on a Stick site IS still online via www.slowhand.net It was off briefly while I was server bandwidth challenged. Then I tried to feature it in a more prominent place - and no one could find it. It's more visible now.

Hope to see some of you in San Jose!

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