[Slowhand] Dave on the Staples show

Richard Batty rickbatty at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 00:40:23 EDT 2007

Have to agree with Dave on the "Trucks" show comments. Whether one likes
DT's playing or not is personal preference (I tend toward Dave's opinions).
The key for me is that I go to an EC show to hear EC play. That's what I've
loved listening to for over 40 years (hard to believe when I write that!)

That's why I tend to like the "small" bands. I loved the Cream Reunion
shows and EC said that he had to work really hard with no second guitarist
or keyboard player. The Dominos period had him playing a lot and I still
listen a lot to the late 80s / early 90s 4-piece shows - there's some nice
Phillinganes playing but tons of EC.

The good thing about Andy F-L in the band was that you knew he wasn't going
to take lots of solos :-)

I'll enjoy the San Jose and Sacramento shows immensely but it won't be
because of DT's or Tim Carmon's playing.

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