[Slowhand] Derek on D&D songs

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Wed Mar 21 15:49:26 EDT 2007


I dunno, but to my ears, Layla never sounded more authentic live than with Derek doing Duane's parts in NYC & Miami. I also loved him on Anyday down here in Miami.

I am so-o-o-o jealous that he wasn't doing Tell The Truth, Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad, Little Wing, & electric Key To The Highway with Derek Trucks when I saw him in NYC & Miami.

Wow, what a treat this must be !!! I have no problems whatsoever with Derek, especially on D&D songs. Add Bobby Whitlock to this tour and the results would be stunning !!! The two indispensable members of D&D (Eric and Whitlock) would be there and you're adding a pretty close Duane clone in Derek Trucks.

Wouldn't get much better than that.

And how about this Clapton / Winwood pairing at Crossroads II doing Blind Faith songs !!! My gosh. I sure hope Ginger is invited for that !!! His drumming would make these Blind Faith songs/reunion VERY, VERY special.

Can't wait to see the Allman Brothers on Friday night at the Beacon. Any Slowhanders attending on this Friday night? Please email me privately if you want to meet.

Joey Jay

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