[Slowhand] No More Trucks - Thank You!!

Bbanderic at aol.com Bbanderic at aol.com
Wed Mar 21 22:23:01 EDT 2007

I find it amazing the amount of flack Derek is taking. I think he's
excellent, perfect for the Dominoes rich setlist. The problem this tour isn't
Derek, he played what Eric wanted him to play. To me, the problem has been the
over abundance of guitarists in the band. Can someone honestly tell me why EC
needed three guitarists up to this point? Throw in Robert Cray on one or
two songs and you have four.

I don't know if Eric doesn't have the chops he used to, or just doesn't have
the desire. I saw the show in Toronto and have to say for the first time,
after seeing Eric play live for the past 20 years, I walked out a bit
disappointed in Eric's playing. His solos were too short and predictable, not once
did he get into "the zone". His playing is nowhere near where it was in 2004.
Now that Derek is out, maybe it'll force EC to get off his ass and play the
way he's capable of.

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