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Sun Mar 25 13:32:52 EDT 2007

What I've read over the years, is different members of the group wrote
various parts of the song. EC, Duane, Whitlock, Gordon. Layla is "officially"
credited to Clapton & Gordon.

There are some, outside the group, who also claim credit, and then others
who claim credit for the coda. Gordon (as you know, is in jail, has
commented, he has not received proper royalties). Not sure if Jim is in a real or
imagined state, but that's what's been written over the years about what he has
said, ranted and/or threatened.

The people "outside" the group who claim credit for various parts of the
song, grow in number each year. If you think about this, all of the peeps -
inside and outside the band were out of their minds on various mind altering
drugs, so who's to say, or who can remember, who wrote what?

blond rocker
ps: there was a woman behind me in Row 5 at the Staples Center in LA who
whispered to me that she had written the coda! Now, who do you think that
could be?????

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