[Slowhand] Seattle Show review 3/22

kavin blanton kblanto at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 25 17:41:37 EDT 2007

I haven't seen to much reviews of this tour but I
thought I would give one of the Seattle show for those
interested. Robert Cray opened just like all the other
shows and was awesome, his voice and guitar playing
were spot on. I can't remember his set list but he
played for about 35 mins. After a 30 mins.
intermission Clapton followed his band out on stage
and opened Tell the Truth and was on fire from there.
He did play Little wing (I am guessing place of
Anyday) and probably because he was playing in Jimi's
hometown so it was a tribute to Jimi. The big surprise
to me was to hear Outside woman blues in his acoustic
set. At the end of the show I was surprised to hear
him play Wonderful tonight and Layla, two songs which
I thought he was leaving off his set list. The crowd
went crazy when he played them. I would would have
much rather of heard anyday or some other songs from
the D&D days. The only disappointments were he didn't
play Anyday and at times there was to much
piano/keyboard solos for me at least. I would of much
rather heard Derek Trucks than Chris Staiton and the
other guy on Keyboards. Overall the show was great and
my favorite over the last few tours he has done.

If people want pictures I have some but have not had
time to edit them but once I do that I am happy so
share, just let me know if you want them.

I know this is probably to early but if anyone has a
recording of this show I would love to get a copy and
have lots to trade. Please email me privately if
interested at kblanto at yahoo.com


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