[Slowhand] Crossroads Seating and other Info

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Sat Mar 31 12:26:49 EDT 2007

This is what I "think" I know...I'm sure more info will be forthcoming.

1. The $1000.00 dollar price for reserved "Seats" (will get to type of seats
later), was a mistake by TM. It corrected itself later on.

2. Seats - Reserved Seats (not on the field) are two types:

a. Bleachers (I'm thinking aluminum-type benches without backs)

b. Reserved seats - some sections have actual "chairs" with backs. So far
I know these type of seats (with backs) are in Sections:

104 - 110; and


There may be more seats with backs, but this is all I know so far. Suggest
you call the venue. 708.594.7200

3. General Admission Seats (on the field):

I don't know. It may be a big picnic, but for the benefit of "crowd
control" each picnic area "may" be assigned as per your assigned GA ticket.

Call the venue, but wait a few days or weeks, cause I think they don't know
either. Just a hunch.

Good luck.
see you in Chicago, at the Crossroads.

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