[Slowhand] EC Access Presale a joke this time around

Sun Apr 1 10:08:08 EDT 2007

Lauren, I was not saying to use a ticket broker. I am sure that as it gets closer there will be better tickets offered at higher prices through Crossroads. I think special packages will be available which will be higher end.



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You are wrong about the tax deduction. You can only
deduct the $90. If someone pays a broker for the
ticket, Crossroads won't see anymore than what the
broker pays for it. The broker or whomever you buy a
ticket for over the $90 price gets the extra money.

You think some broker who gets $300 for a $90 ticket
is going to turn around and give that money away?


I tried to get reserved seat tickets at 9:00 am this
morning. I first entered my choice as 2 and it came up
with "none available. I then tried 2 general admin and
got the same thing. I tried both again and then at
9:04 entered 1 general admission and it came up as an
available ticket. I passed on it and closed the
window. My point, is that it wasn't much of a presale.

Don't fret folks, since it is a charity there will be
many opportunities in my opinion. Even if one has to
pay big bucks for it, it is a good cause and tax deductible

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