[Slowhand] EC discussion

Scott Wallenberg scottw at racerxill.com
Tue Apr 3 02:16:06 EDT 2007

Nice to see some discussion going on again about the Tour.

Sometimes I think Delta Nick is a fictional character that was hired just
to get the list fired up! :-)

I attended the LA show and have listened to several boots from the beginning
of the tour til now as I am collecting one of every song for my compilation
My observations:
1st the set list...
The best I could have imagined a.... having all those Dominos tracks is a
real joy for me.
2nd the Performers
Weeks/Jordan rhythm section best combo since Duck Dunn and Jamie Oldaker
these guys groove!
Each guitarist offers something to the overall mix. Personally I like
hearing different interpretations of a song by other guitarists and
especially with different equipment.
Doyle's Albert King licks on LQOS were awesome plus his rhythm comping keeps
the guitar sound going while Eric and Derek are soaring (Listen to WDLGTBSS
for example).
Derek's slide just makes those D&D songs go over the top, very creative
during sit down set as well.
EC nothing "groundbreaking" but I don't think he is trying to re-invent the
wheel. Yet during Little Wing I heard some very incredible stuff that was
very melodic.I think Eric is what he is at this stage in his career. He
already said he saw one of his NBTB clips on Youtube and said he can't play
like that anymore so he's not trying to. Does that mean he's phoning it in?
I don't think so. Greg Maddux is 42 years old and can't throw a 90+MPH
fastball anymore yet he still gets batters out with another style of
pitching. I actually loved hearing Eric's very cool rhythm comping on Got To
Get Better in a Little While as much as his soloing.
After 40 plus years EC's goal is to put on a great show and have fun doing
it.99% of his audience is going away happy and he's happy too so really
should he even bother with the 1% er's who aren't happy? Who knows if they
ever will be?

Personally I thought he made a odd choice in using his Fender equipment
during the Cream reunion because to me it did not sound authentic. I mean
Lee Dickson could have easily gone down to Guitar Center and bought an Eric
Clapton pedal and set it to the Cream tone to give Eric the tone without the
huge Cream volume he seemed to abhor during rehearsals.

just my 2 cents. Can't wait for the DVD from San Diego with my hero JJ Cale
sitting in!

Scott Wallenberg

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