[Slowhand] Crossroads Guitar Festival and Ticketmaster

Dale.Kalina at rrd.com Dale.Kalina at rrd.com
Fri Apr 6 09:02:59 EDT 2007

I never thought I would have anything GOOD to say about Ticketmaster, but
after quickly logging on and ordering tickets on Saturday without a hitch
and then having the tickets arrive in yesterday's mail, I have to admit
this was one transaction with them that went very smoothly. Was it worth
the $78 in "convenience charges" and handling fees? Not really, but it
sure beats dealing with scalper prices.

BTW, the $1006 price listed for the reserved seating on Ticketmaster
probably made it easier to purchase these seats. I have seen several
comments about potential purchasers who elected not to pursue these tickets
due to the erroneous price shown. For us old-timers who can't imagine
standing in a hot, sweaty crowd on a Chicago July afternoon, the prospect
of a comfortable seat in the shade makes anticipation of the show greater.
Even though we will be slightly beyond midfield, we have seats and will be

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