[Slowhand] Upcoming Anthology - What would we like

Duncan McKie Duncan.McKie at infinity.co.nz
Thu Apr 12 17:19:39 EDT 2007

Right, so the Tour is over for another year. We have the obligatory live
CD/DVD to wait for (by Christmas?) The Scott Wallenberg compilation
(Don't forget a copy downunder) and the tell all book later this year -
or 2008.

And a new Anthology/box set. What would Slowhanders like to see in this?
A follow up to the great Crossroads set (1985-2007) a total career over
view,(Crossroads redux) Live performances (Crossroads 3 Live in the

My dream box would be similar to the SRV set IE CD + DVD

CD1 singles/hits from journeyman onwards

CD2 B-sides and one off performances IE the Hendrix/Elton/Curtis
Mayfield songs plus any other sessions/left over tracks

CD3 A Rarity Disc from Powerhouse tracks, to lost sessions , hell, even
a remixed 'Lady from Verona'

CD4 Live tracks -preferably rarer performances- from 1980s onwards

DVD Nothing but the Blues movie, or the unreleased With friends Movie
or even a decent show from this years tour

Of course once the suits and marketers get hold of it I imagine a box
set would be extremely different, and not much in it for hardcore fans

Any other thoughts or wishlists?

Duncan McKie

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