[Slowhand] Rants & Raves Continued

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Wed Apr 18 22:32:55 EDT 2007

>> JJ says that Eric was sitting on his porch playing licks that he has never ever heard Eric play. When JJ said Eric should record that, Eric replied "there are somethings that should just go in the air" << Funny that you should mention this, Scott. Here's the full quote, JJ Cale speaking: > Eric was at the house the first week -- we were sitting down trying to figure out what we were going to record -- and he can sit down and play all kinds of amazing things. Before the band got there, he and I were sitting around noodling, and he played something, and I went, "Oh, I wish I had the tape recorder on, because that was just gorgeous." And he said, "Oh, John, sometimes it needs to go into the air, and nobody hears it." But what a loss to people. I had never heard that before. In other words, it's totally against your ego (J.J. Cale as quoted in Dan Forte, "Blowin' Down The Road With Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale," Vintage Guitar Magazine, February 2007, pp. 116 & 118). < So
unds like JJ Cale "bashing" Eric Clapton. DeltaNick

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