[Slowhand] Eric rants and raves continued

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Thanks for that, Scott.
Your comments have prompted my grey matter on a couple of items:
1. First, on high-points in EC's career, I can see a comparison to a company's stock performance over time or (for you marketing types) a product's life cycle with it's highs and lows. To start, I would suggest that there was rapid growth in the mid-60s and into the 70s with several peeks in EC's career lifecycle during 1987-95 and a lows 1972-73 (heroin-yrs) and the malaise of the early/mid-80s (when booze became an undeniable problem). It might be fun to take EC's career timeline as I've seen it depicted in one of the many bios (a RollingStone article perhaps?) and draw his "performance-curve" relative to that time. Like any "product," Eric reinvents himself periodically yet always falls back on his original "quality" (that I find so endearing), and his "curve" has responded in kind. The curve could be quantitative in nature of some measurable criterion or totally subjective. For instance, 1993 for its Grammy recognition was a high point on a quantitative scale but
perhaps someone would argue that it was not a "high" based on some subjective measure (gee, who'd argue THAT?)... What a great "bar discussion."
Let the "battle begin!"

2. My second thought will likely get lost in the exuberance of the former (hope not). I would like to repeat my annual wish (done this several times before) - that Eric author an album of Dylan covers. I've never gotten over Eric's stellar performance at BobFest and want more - much more. I love Dylan's stories, anger, writing style coupled with Eric's finesse. Please, god - make this happen... :-)

From: "Scott Wallenberg"
If Eric did another From the Cradle what do you think it would sound
In my opinion it would sound just like a repeat of From the Cradle. or Me
and Mr. Johnson.He is not going to re-invent the wheel...his blues playing is what it is. I
happen to love it but more covers of Blues tunes would get a kind of
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