[Slowhand] Eric rants and raves continued

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Fri Apr 20 18:37:04 EDT 2007

my mistake was going to charlotte first for the show with derek trucks in tow during the middle of the extremely long tour. derek pushed EC, it was a marvelous show, and although i would always want EC to play more, he played better when he did play that particular nite.

look at my pictures on whereseric website, you can see it in his pained facial expressions that he was giving it his all. it only made sense that the detroit show would pale in comparison, he and the band knowing full well that there was only 1 more nite to go in columbus. i did love that i got to hear 5 different songs, especially Little Wing!


ps loved the "windsor ballet" comment and totally concur! bring me a copy of that bonamassa performance you refered to if you can remember when you are packing for chicago...thanks!

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>Hi Sam, JoeBonamassa did a live-in-the-studio gig a couple of yrs ago on a local radio station here, and like you said, he really tore it up. That improptu version of "Woke up Dreaming" made the annual "Live From the Archives" charity-CD that the station published that yr.. It was a chilling performance that left the morning crew breathless! I was sorry to hear that the Detroit-leg of the Clapton-band tour wasn't very inspired. I only saw the San Jose performance, and I was wowed. I didn't go into it with the expectations of Eric-guitar-heroics (ala NBTB); so, I wasn't disappointed. Instead, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the band do songs that I've never heard played live: Tell the Truth, Outside Woman, Little QoS, LittleW and Motherless, the opening of which was worth the price of admission for me. Still I was impressed by Eric's guitar solos - I thought that his tone was excellent, and perhaps his gain was turned up a bit at the mixing board. Anyway, it worked for me, and I was not disappointed. Perhaps, your trip to Detroit would have been happier with a visit to Winsor for the errr - ballet, Sam (inside joke) :-) I'm looking forward to meeting you in person at the Guitar Festival - I think that I owe you a beer!Mel>

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>>if "melt-your-face" guitar is what you are looking for, be sure to catch a

>>live show from Joe Bonamassa! his records feature excellent axe work as

>>well, but live is where its at - out


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