[Slowhand] One Opinion? (Ron Ciul)

Eric Lacroix eric.lacroix at free.fr
Sat Apr 21 05:02:03 EDT 2007

Thanks Ron. This is what I ment. I didn't want to sound like if I was
right and you all were wrong.

I was just trying to say that after reading *tons* of 'this night was
great' or 'this is best EC show ever', some of us, and maybe one of us
in particular ;-) wants to express their opinion by saying that EC was
not at his best.

And to be even more clear about what I feel of this tour, I would say
that I enjoyed the shows a lot, but there were very very rare times when
EC gave me chills during a guitar solo in 2006-2007.


Ron wrote:

> Hillary


> >>I have seen 2 EC shows in 2006 (RAH and Paris) and it was good. Not

> great like some of you reviewed >> Eric.


> >This is the second time in two days I have read on the digest that

> basically only one opinion is allowed. >Hillary


> I think you may have over interpreted Eric's comment. It seemed that

> he gave his opinion, but it was different from what others have

> stated. I don't believe he said they were wrong.


> Ron Ciul


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