[Slowhand] Truckless in Columbus?

EFSCHUL at aol.com EFSCHUL at aol.com
Mon Apr 23 14:55:57 EDT 2007

At first, at the beginning of the gig in Columbus, didn't notice the absence
of the young Duane, i mean Derek.
And yes, perhaps an EC gig is like great sex, it's always good!

I Don't usually analyze EC's guitar playing, although I suspect many here
are guitarists/musicians, and do analyze this part of EC, as they should.

At all the gigs I've been to over the last 12 months, and the ones I've
attended over the years, I've only had requirement and/or expectation - and
that is: EC's music takes me away, and lifts me up!. At every gig, in every
city, here and across the pond, EC has done this. nuff said.
Blond Rocker

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