[Slowhand] Columbus-Detroit Showdown

Anthony Blak tonyblakwindsor at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 24 22:25:23 EDT 2007

I had the good fortune in Columbus and Detroit to see Eric. Since I live in
Windsor, it is only a short hop, to skip over the river to the Palace. For
Mel and Sam, if you are ever up this way it would be my pleasure to
introduce you to the French-Canadian Ballet and expose this staple of our
Canadian cultural heritage. The Columbus show would be my second time seeing
him in this great city the last time being 1974, that one was shorten by an
impromptu celebration of Independence Day complete with indoor fireworks.

Unfortunately I did not get an opportunity to meet the Blond Rocker whose
writings I always find interesting, and usually amusing. I like her though,
find it difficult to critique individual performance that I attend in
detail. I'm somewhat in a hypnotic trans when ever I attend his shows and am
most grateful for the few bootlegs of his performances that I attended to
get a better appreciation of exactly what when down.

Over all the performance in Detroit was somewhat less than the show in
Columbus. Although both where very enjoyable. But going to two shows in a
row, I could see that they seem to be as well scripted as a good play, with
some comments, or notes played that at first felt spontaneous but the
spontaneity showed up the next day as well.

Only Eric I find structures his music somewhat like the little I know of
Mozart, whose piano concertos, left a spot in the middle called I believe a
cadenza, where the performer is left to improvise on the piece. Some
improvisations of Mozart were later copied down and became part of a piece.
Eric could do the same.

My only disappointment in the Columbus show was expecting a little more. It
was nice for Eric to acknowledge his daughters, in the crowd, I felt like I
was part of the family. But also hoped he would say something about it being
the last show of the tour. I was hoping for maybe a special guest. And since
Columbus is now I believe one of his homes, after his rendition of
Crossroads, the house lights could have been turned on; Eric could have
taken the stage with his Martin in tow, and played Back Home.

Ps any copy of either show would be appreciated.


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