[Slowhand] Joanna Connor

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Mon Apr 30 17:33:38 EDT 2007


you're right, it was "walkin blues", not "key to the highway"!! just an incredible version....


>From: Ron Ciul <reciul at mac.com>

>Date: 2007/04/30 Mon AM 11:44:40 CDT

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>Subject: Joanna Connor


>Joanna Connor is a Chicago based blues guitar player. Been around since the

>early 90's. She plays at the Chicago House of Blues and Kingston Mines a lot.

>I would classify as Susan Tedeschi with more edge & energy. She plays a Gibson

>Les Paul also does some decent slide work. I first heard her on a couple of

>Blind Pig Records sampler albums. I recommend "Flight" as her best album. She

>does a great cover of "Walkin Blues". Sam it might be a good idea to check to

>see if she's playing at the time of Crossroads.


>Ron Ciul



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