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I hope this helps.....

***David Bowie and Stevie Ray Vaughan The Serious Rehearsal 1983 heyricky version****
you can download this over at dimeadozen if your interested.


The story goes that after Bowie saw Stevie perform at the Montreuz Jazz Festival in 1982 he asked him to join his band and tour in support of his new album "Let's Dance" after a few rehearsals Stevie decided to skip joining Bowies band so this is all we get to hear. It would have been amazing.
Supposedly these were recorded by Bowies manager using a mono Nagra machine. "heyricky" then obtained the tapes (we don't know how) and remixed into "mock" stereo.

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It is my understanding that SRV played on most but not all the album. He was also slated to go on tour as guitar player in Bowie's band that year but backed out of it when Bowie would not agree to let SRV and Double Trouble open the shows. They were in rehearsals when SRV backed out and told Bowie to stick it. He came back to Austin to be with his band Double Trouble and go back to the club scene. His name was out though and a few months later he went on to record Texas Flood at Jackson Brown's studio in California and the rest is history.

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tracy is out of town, the twins are sleeping, and i have a couple more questions to ask of the group:

1. stevie ray vaughan famously played on bowie's song "lets dance". i read a rolling stone review today, and he wasnt even mentioned. was this some secret initially? anyways, i heard another cut off that album called "cat people", and there sounded to me like more SRV guitar on this track as well. did SRV play on the entire album?

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