[Slowhand] offer of Australian gig 2cd set

LIABARTOLOMEI liabar at tin.it
Sat May 5 15:45:05 EDT 2007

Thanks to the courtesy of Hubert O. from South Australia I can now re-offer
eric's concert from last Australian tour to the first 3 that will apply.
Unfortunately I don't know what date or place this concerts was but Hubert
should know.If he is so kind to read this and inform us (thank you so much
,Hubert, for your CDs).
I really envy you for having Eric playing Little Wing that way
also Outside woman Blues and Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad are thoroughly
enjoayable new renditions to me ,
How could slowhander's readers complain about the repetivity and lack of
novelty of these shows?????

I would say this is for 4/5 a totally different show from the European set
Hundred per cent sure It is a very diffferent set of what I could hear here
in Italy.

I wish I were a Rockfeller to have enough money and follow him at every gig
it takes.
I am just cross I only discovered Eric five years ago and considering his
being 62 right now I can't help thinking it is always a great event to
hear such a blessed musician that can showan impressive passion and
musical fluency even at smaller concerts like the ones I attended .

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