[Slowhand] Winwood / EC Highclere 2007

Bryan Reid humblephoenix at gmail.com
Mon May 21 12:20:03 EDT 2007

I have just listened to the whole thing all the way through, and the
EC part for the second time. I revise my EC score to a B-. Basically,
IMHO, these Highclere shows have never featured great playing. It's a
charity gig, they show up, play, have
some laughs and split. No rehearsals, just show up and play. They
don't take it seriously and it shows. Nor do I see any reason why they
should - it's a one-off thing they do once a year that is basically a
private party. I'm not being critical of them, just honest. I expect
much better things out of Crossroads.

~ Bryan

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