[Slowhand] Winwood / EC Highclere 2007

Bbanderic at aol.com Bbanderic at aol.com
Mon May 21 22:49:50 EDT 2007

First I'd like to say thanks to Bryan for the video link, really appreciate

Just finished watching it, just a few thoughts:

1) Steve Winwood is a freak of a musician. He still sounds great, vocally.
Exceptional on the Hammond and an underrated guitarist. He hasn't lost the

2) Absolutely loved the dual EC / Winwood guitar, they played off each other
very well. EC was a bit stiff though, he needs to loosen up a bit for

3) Overall the performance was just good, nothing earth shattering, but as
Bryan stated, they probably didn't rehearse much, plenty of time to get it
together for Chicago. It was great to see them on stage together after all
these years.



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