[Slowhand] Winwood / EC Highclere 2007

Eric Lacroix eric.lacroix at free.fr
Tue May 22 14:21:56 EDT 2007

Bryan Reid wrote:

> IMHO, these Highclere shows have never featured great playing. It's a

> charity gig, they show up, play, have

> some laughs and split. No rehearsals, just show up and play. They

> don't take it seriously and it shows. Nor do I see any reason why they

> should - it's a one-off thing they do once a year that is basically a

> private party.

IMHO, for the same reasons you describe, these kind of shows are better
(I'm not talking of this particular one). It brings some freshness,
songs sound different than what we are used to listen to. For this
particular show I would say that EC was a bit on the 'shy' side.

But when I hear him on something new, a tribute album or concert, or as
a guest (for an album or show) it is always great. Lot of exemples :
Aretha Franklin Lady Soul, Steven Still album, 89 Picnic By the Lake
bootleg, BobFest etc. (ok, don't talk about J. Mayall 70th birthday ...)


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