[Slowhand] DN's Exile

Susan Marchman susbastille at msn.com
Fri May 25 13:47:25 EDT 2007

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I've been reading your comments about EC's appearance
with Steve Winwood at Highclere, and I think you should all be banned
-- exiled -- from the Slowhand Digest. You guys are simply way too
negative." DN

LOL, Nick! And I thought the Funnies were entertaining this morning....

Unfortunately, and for whatever reason (little rehearsal, Eric purposely hanging back to give up the limelight, just not into it, whatever), EC's performance was disappointingly lackluster in my opinion also, and I regret telling so many friends to watch. No, he's not great and fantastic all the time--sometimes he's just part of the proceedings. You can add me to the exiled list on this one ; )

On a positive note, to hopefully shorten my stay in exile, I look forward with great anticipation to the many stellar Clapton moments Crossroads II may bring us (and who knows, maybe there will be more Cream, after all.)

keep on keepin' on,
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