[Slowhand] Clapton Begrudgers

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Mon May 28 12:16:42 EDT 2007

Jon in the U.K. wrote:

> Oh God here we go again, seems to me that Clapton suffers from the same

> affliction as David Beckham.

> Same with EC, he cant play jazz, he doesnt bend it like Jeff Beck, hes not

> Joe Banamarama or whatever hes called.


> Both of them seem to be hated and loved in equal measure, and I dont get


Who's begrudging EC? When someone gives a negative review of an EC
performance does that mean they hate him or think he should quit altogether? I don't
think so.

> Hes EC, I love to hear him play rhythm guitar as well as lead because he


> a touch, a feeling, an artistry and YES sometimes like Beckham he coasts,

> he's bored, distracted etc blah blah yak yak yadda yadda.

> Let's enjoy him and Beckham while we can, warts and all!

I agree, Eric is much more than just a "lead" guitarist, to me that's what
sets him apart from a lot of other artists. But, that magical, hair raising,
shake your head "lead" guitar solo ala "Bobfest", "Sheriff 2004 (MSG)" and
countless others, is also something that sets EC apart.

To me, that part is missing since the last solo tour, EC is content on
letting someone else do the heavy lifting, which is ok at this point in his
career, if that's what he chooses to do. This is why I said I wasn't interested in
a 2007 Cream reunion. Cream was essentially a jam band, EC doesn't have
anyone to pass to baton off to, a half hearted effort in a Cream show just
doesn't come off very well (NY 2005).

Unfortunately, some folks here take a negative comment WAY too
personal/seriously. Should it be a requirement that every EC concert review be a positive
one and said that it was the best EC show they've ever seen in their lives?

No matter what, I'll always be an EC fan, see him live every chance I get
and continue to spread his music. But, I'm not going to sugar coat my reviews
of his performances either, I'm going to tell it the way I see it. Having
said that, I'm a realist as well, I expect some decline in EC's skills at this
point and really do appreciate EC "warts and all"


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