[Slowhand] Pissing in someones legacy? ;)

a linden roante04 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 28 18:05:21 EDT 2007

These"Pissing on his own legacy"-threads have been
really the most disdaining and ignorant messages I've
seen on this embarrasingly negative board.

Some people seem to think they know exactly what an
artist had in mind when he created a song decades ago
and they arrogantly think they know best how that work
should be recreated when Eric plays those songs.

I'm very glad that Mr. Clapton hasn't really paid any
attention to these naive nostalgic demands and has
created his art from his own standpoints.The wonderful
music he's been producing throughout his career and on
his last tours is a result of his own decisions and
talent. Thankfully not the result of pretensions from
his most conservative "fans".

Cheers to Eric for bringing us the unbelievably good
music on the last tour. Life is full of things to
celebrate, bring on the Cream and Blind Faith
reunions. ;)


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