[Slowhand] Cream reunion

Jon Maclean Jon.Maclean at lands.nsw.gov.au
Mon May 28 23:24:11 EDT 2007

I don't believe another Cream reunion will occur, and this time I hope
it doesn't. There is nothing left to prove.

I finally bought the Classic Artists DVD last week, and found it quite
amusing that whenever Baker or Bruce (interviewed in different countries
fortunately) spoke of the other, there was clearly tension and in the
case of Baker, animosity toward Bruce. They were lucky to play so well
and to survive the 7 dates, especially the NY ones, where tension
resurfaced, so it would be folly to attempt to do it again. Baker even
said after the first NY show that they ought to have left it at the
Albert run. The band proved there it was still great. Let's leave it at
that, guys.



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