[Slowhand] Just a few idle thoughts

Shanahan mowdamowda at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 06:19:05 EDT 2007

Ah! The Digest

Ain't it grand?

Thought # 1:

I wonder if there are other mailing list sites dedicated to other gods in
their respective fields:

Perhaps a Van Gogh site, Frank Lloyd Wright, Steinbeck, Aryton Senna, Woody
Allen, Nelson Mandella, John Huston............ you get the idea.

And if we take the thread a little further and with the artist idea, branch
out to numerous other great artists from the Renaissance, Impressionists,
Post Modernists, Cubists, etc etc

Likewise with architects, writers, sports people, directors, humanitarians,
others in the film industry etc, etc,

Okay, so now we have 400 or so mailing lists like The Slowhand Digest, each
one with their own particular hero and subscribers.

Now if we can just imagine, the threads may go something like..............

"Oh Van Gogh was focused and creative before he cut his ear off, he painted
on auto-pilot after that. Just couldn't cut it."

""Before he cut his ear off"? Do you know ANYTHING about Vincent? His
creative peak was immediately after the ear incident! How can you call
yourself a VG fan? You don't know the first thing about art or VG!"

Multiply this by the 400 or so possibilities above and The Digest isn't that
far away from your average Joe fan-site.

Thought # 2:

If we take the expectations we have of Eric, and direct them to ourselves it
shows, to a degree, how unrealistic we really are.

eg. Well, DN in the 60's showed enormous passion with his work and gave 120%
consistently. Never compromised his ideals.
In the 70's he laid back a little, could still pull out some unbelievable
results, no one could touch him, but he wasn't as consistent as he was in
the 60's.
In the 80's some say he sold out, but he was still capable of some amazing
things. Substance abuse may have had something to do with it.
In the 90's he did sell out. Mortgage payments, alimony, medical expenses,
extortion. They all had to be paid so he produced what would pay the bills.
2000 and on he has revisited those halcyon days of the 60's, but he doesn't
use the same equipment. If the abacus worked in the 60's why change to a
triple dual processor with a terabyte of ram?

Thought # 3

I often think of a particular scene in Shawshank Redemption, where the
Morgan Freeman character is before the parole board for his final interview.
He speaks of the boy he was when he committed the crime, and of the old man
he is now. Two completely different people.

I think of Eric as the prisoners and The Digest as the parole board
demanding Eric give the correct answer before he walks free.

Boy! I'm sure glad I'm on the parole board.



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