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Bruce Wilson kbw at mchsi.com
Fri Jun 1 08:31:24 EDT 2007

Hello Earth-based Claptonians,

Fabrice raises an interesting question about the distribution of the EC tour
box. Obviously, Scott intended it to be worldwide (see his May 8 post
below) and sent 4 of 7 boxes out of the USA. Are those distributions

Possibly, a re-seed is needed in some areas. I am on a list to receive the
box and will be glad to send copies where they are needed. Over the years,
I have personally benefitted greatly from the generosity of Slowhanders from
many parts of our planet.

Peace out,

Scott Wallenberg scottw at racerxill.com
Tue May 8 17:42:30 EDT 2007


Hello SD friends.
Thanks to all for your offers to spread this collection.
Here are the contacts who will be spreading the set around the globe.
I encourage you to help them by offering to spread as well.

Western USA Debi Lindblade bluesgurl2000 at yahoo.com
Midwest USA John Whitney jfw at insightbb.com
Eastern USA Len Moskowitz lenmoskowitz at optonline.net
Europe Boris Jaeggi Swiss EC Fan club art-and-music at bluewin.ch
Canada David Gourlay Gourlay.David at tbs-sct.gc.ca
Australia Justin Ayling JUSTIN.AYLING at education.nsw.gov.au
S.America, Japan Jerry Gips gips at eurovision-us.net

Look for their re-offers soon as I am mailing all the discs this week.

Thanks to all and especially EC for a great year's worth of music to draw

Scott Wallenberg

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From: bluesmaster bluesmaster at wanadoo.fr
Thu May 31 13:38:00 EDT 2007

> HI ,

Just a question : Did the slowhand digest is became an "only US member"????
We can see a lot of offer or re-offer with the mention US slowhander only.
If i am right ,just put on the subscribe forme "ONLY FOR US FOLKS "
Any way take care and peace for ALL.

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