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Thanks for the heads up! Found it yesterday at Barnes&Noble along with a 'collector's issue' Classic Rock Presents Blues Rock (from London) covering the "British Blues Rock Boom!" Many excellent color photos; separate articles on EC, Cream, Yardbirds, & other famous and more obscure performers; 10 blues albums that shaped the British blues; the inevitable top 30 blues rock albums, including #1 Beano, #4 Fresh Cream, #6 Five Live Yardbirds, and (whut?) #23 Blind Faith; American blues rockers; and last but probably not least, a 'free' DVD with exclusive new interviews. I have not watched the DVD yet, but it is "Issued in conjunction with Classic Artists Cream DVD" and may be excerpts from that.

Chris Dreja re: Yardbirds opening for the Beatles during their 1964 Christmas shows - "It were more vaudeville than rock'n'roll with the Beatles running around in these cheap costumes. Eric wasn't enjoying it. In fact he never showed up for one show. I remember seeing him sneaking down the aisle during the last number, looking sheepish with a batch of albums under his arm."

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Just wanted everyone to know that the latest issue of GuitarLegends magazine has devoted it's entire most recent issue (I picked it up Friday, 1 June) to Eric Clapton. It's packed with articles, interviews and photos. The magazine bills the issue as a "Special Collector's Edition."

I found it at Border's Books and it was the last copy.

FYI & enjoy, Debi

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