[Slowhand] Wallenberg's World Tour Set

Eric Clapton blackiej200 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 11:04:16 EDT 2007

Hello Scott,
I rec'd a set from Len Moskowitz then made the following offer for first 2 replys.

< With thanks to Len Moskowitz I can offer copies of the Wallenberg Box Set of the recent EC World Tour. The first 2 people to email me personally ( not to the Slowhand Digest ) will get them if they also promise to make some copies for other Slowhanders.
Dave B. >

Burned and shipped out to:
David Sucher, Lidb7047 at aol.com , in NJ and Craig Rosbebloom, CLRBloom at aol.com , in Fullerton, Ca.

Thanks again to Len and ultimatly Scott Wallenberg!
Dave Brulenski

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