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David Fynan clwphils at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Jun 5 15:40:29 EDT 2007

> <<<Thanks for the heads up! Found it yesterday at Barnes&Noble

> along with a 'collector's issue' Classic Rock Presents Blues Rock

> (from London) covering the "British Blues Rock Boom!" Many

> excellent color photos; separate articles on EC, Cream, Yardbirds,

> & other famous and more obscure performers; 10 blues albums that

> shaped the British blues; the inevitable top 30 blues rock albums,

> including #1 Beano, #4 Fresh Cream, #6 Five Live Yardbirds, and

> (whut?) #23 Blind Faith; American blues rockers; and last but

> probably not least, a 'free' DVD with exclusive new interviews. I

> have not watched the DVD yet, but it is "Issued in conjunction with

> Classic Artists Cream DVD" and may be excerpts from that.>>>

I just watched the DVD (Ginger is one very bitter, angry man) and I
think the majority of the interviews was stuff that did not make it
on the "Classic Artists" Cream DVD, so that was a pleasant surprise.
Actually, this issue is a really good choice for anyone interested in
blues rock, especially the British stuff. TONS of Clapton stuff
(obviously) in it. All sorts of interesting stuff on the Yardbirds,
Mayall, Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac and all the usual suspects. An
article on the Crawdaddy Club. Definitely worth picking up.


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