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Wed Jun 6 11:44:51 EDT 2007

For all you wonderful follks (especially those of you living outside the US) still interested in, but unable to obtain the recent issue of "GuitarLegends" magazine collector's edition featuring EC, the following info was printed in the credit section of the magazine:

"Future plc produces special-interest magazines for people who share a passion. We publish in the US, UK, France and Italy. Over 100 international editions of our magazines are also published in 30 other countries across the world."

30 Monmouth St.
Bath, Avon,
BA1, 2BW,
Tel: 414-1225-442244

Also, US contact info was provided, listing the main contact as in NY, NY.
Tel: 212-768-2966
email: soundingboard at guitarworld.com
Web Site: www.guitarworld.com

I learned from checking this info out that "GuitarLegends" is, indeed, a special edition magazine, apparently an occasional spin-off from GuitarWorld mag. Hope this helps.

Happy hunting!

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