[Slowhand] Mel, ...Joey Jay Vargas checking in

joeyjay at att.net joeyjay at att.net
Wed Jun 6 12:10:28 EDT 2007


You beat me to the punch by just a matter of minutes....lol. I was just gonna email you.

Yeah, I am going to Crossroads II. I already have my hotel and plane reservations and have coordinated with several friends from Jersey. So please do save the ticket for me..... lol

Can't wait for this show and to meet everybody. It should be incredible.

Bossman, I'm not sure why I haven't received your emails. My home computer has been crashed (yet again.... this time for about two weeks now), but I always monitor my email from work. However, I do have an additional new email address. Use one of the following two email addresses to contact me.

joeyjay at att.net or joeyjayv at bellsouth.net

BTW, just before my computer crashed, I did get to burn about 7 or 8 of the CD's that I promised you.

Also, if there are any other Slowhanders out there still waiting for stuff from me, please email me, yell at me and remind me. Some people have been very kind to me and patient.... I intend to fight through my excuses and catch up with everybody soon.

Joey Jay

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