[Slowhand] Crossroads pre-show get-together (Brats, beer and bloodie marys?)

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i for sure want to stop by and see everyone, but i think all those with GA tix will want to be in line at the gates to get in right when they open to get up front as close as possible.....an updated attendance list is forthcoming!

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I would like to get a tentative head-count of interested people who might want to get together the morning of the show to "tailgate" and enjoy some pre-show fellowship with a brunch of brats, beer and bloodie marys. Does this sound like a good idea? While the show is almost two months away, I'd like to see if this is something I could plan with someone else. I know I started to talk to sam mangano about this and he thought it was a good idea. Of course I will make sure to bring a boombox to play clapton bootlegs. If a few Chicago-area people decide to contribute/bring items to the show, I'm sure that it wouldn't be too hard to pull this off.

Let me know on-digest of off-digest if you want to attend or help out with such an event.

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