[Slowhand] World Tour 2006-7 Box Set

Richard Millard millard_richard at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 11:55:31 EDT 2007

With many thanks to Conrad Kodama (and Debi L. and
Scott Wallenberg), I'm happy to reoffer this 4 CD set
to the first 3 responders with burners who promise to
reoffer, and to one burnerless EC fan. This is open
to all regardless of geography.

Here is some additional information on the set, as
provided by Conrad:

" At any rate, if you haven't heard by now,
"Cocaine" and "Layla" on Disc 4 are inverted so if you
want the disc to play in "proper" tour sequence, you'd
have to switch them around (...if you re-burn or rip
the files to your hard drive). And, as far as I can
tell, the first 4 songs on D4 are from the Dec. 9
Budokan performance. I think Scott used the "Fairy
Tales" (Mid Valley) disc for those songs; however, for
some reason, the songs don't transition smoothly.
There are small gaps/rough transitions. I burned all
of your discs prior to hearing about these issues so
you're getting exactly what was sent to me by Debi L
who got it from Scott. All discs were burned as
Disc-at-Once. No artwork available but I'm sure some
talented person will come up with something. "

Caveat Emptor, and enjoy.

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