[Slowhand] EC guest appearances

gabt at mac.com gabt at mac.com
Sun Jun 24 05:04:53 EDT 2007

Hi Craig,

I seem to remember touting this idea a couple of years ago but got no response. I have a few tracks myself including:

That's what it takes (George Harrison)

Love her with a feeling (Taj Mahall)

Never without you (Ringo Starr)

Sending me angels (Gerry Lyn Williams)

Runaway train (Elton John)

Halcyon days (Bruce Hornsby)

Mr bluesman (Richie Sambora)

5.06am Every strangers eyes (Roger Waters)

I wish it would rain down (Phil Collins)

While my guitar gently weeps (The Beatles)

What would I do without you (Jools Holland)

But of course there's many more. Personally, i'd like to hear the track from Stephen Stills's album.



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