[Slowhand] various Clapton band members performing in Vancouver BC during the past week

John Walasko jwalasko at telus.net
Fri Jun 29 15:22:17 EDT 2007

Hello Slowhanders,

I've seen several Clapton-related artists perform in concert here in
Vancouver in the past week or so;

1. Roger Waters on June 21 - his band included Katie Kissoon and Andy
Fairweather-Low. Ms. Kissoon looks as lovely as always and sounded
wonderful on her solo spots. Andy looked very nice as well (of
course), and played some fantastic guitar solos. I remember when Andy
stole the show with a great guitar solo at a Clapton concert I saw at
the Albert Hall in 1992 and always wondered why he wasn't featured
more by EC....

I noticed that Waters lip-sync'd through a large portion of his
concert, by the way.

2. The next night was jazz legend, tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins,
as part of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. His drummer was
EC alumnus Steve Jordan. I've never seen Sonny Rollins before - he's
77 years old but still plays amazingly. His band was comprised of
excellent musicians, but their performance was hampered by a poor PA
mix in the large hall they played in.

3. June 24 was The Derek Trucks Band, also as part of the Jazz
Festival. Trucks had left Clapton's band by the time I saw the 2007
tour earlier this Spring, so June 24 was my first time seeing him.

In the past, Trucks has had a few Clapton songs in his band's
repertoire, but none were played the night I saw him. They did play
some blues tunes familiar to EC fans; Key To The Highway, and The
Forty-Four. Trucks' wife Susan Tedeschi joined the band to sing 5 or
6 numbers, and she played guitar as well - including some great wah-
wah playing. I've heard some of Derek Truck's studio recordings, but
they don't do justice to his impact in concert. His version of "My
Favorite Things", done in the style of the John Coltrane quartet, was

At the Trucks concert I saw a woman wearing a Cream Madison Square
Garden 2005 t-shirt, and we had a short chat. She was English but had
lived in Canada with her husband for many years. I've unfortunately
forgotten her name, but I'll say hello again if she's watching this

Vancouver BC Canada

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