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I just finished reading the Warren Zevon biography "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" by Crystal Zevon. A couple of people near and dear to this list were mentioned.

On page 267, Julia Mueller, a former girlfriend that Zevon almost married, recalls an early date: "...He asked me what kind of music I liked. I said the blues. He thought I was saying that because he had just done 'Hindu Love Gods,' and I said I liked Eric Clapton. He got mad about that because Eric Clapton had gotten all the 'Color of Money' attention over him."

As you may know, Clapton's "It's In The Way That You Use It" and Zevon's "Werewolves of London" were both on the soundtrack.

Then on page 239, Andy Slater, a former manager and current President/CEO of Capitol Records, describes the rehearsals for Warren's appearance on the short-lived "Night Music" TV show: "Warren calls me from New York. He says, 'You've got to get out here right away.' I said, 'Warren, I can't. I have the Beastie Boys in the middle of this record. What's the problem?' He says, 'These guys can't play.' I said, "Warren, what are you talking about? This is David Sanborn, Omar Hakim, Willie Weeks, Hiram Bullock. These are the greatest players in New York.' He says, 'They can't play rock. They're jazz buffs. You got to get out here right away.' "

However, I think Mr. Slater is mistaken. I can find no evidence of Willie Weeks being on "Night Music." Instead, Marcus Miller is repeatedly mentioned as the musical director of the show. One picture of Warren and the bass player is included at http://www.geetarz.org/reviews/misc/sanborn-night-music-dvd.htm and of course, the clip can be found on www.youtube.com

There is an online petition to induct Zevon into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at www.warrenzevon.com
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