[Slowhand] I just hope EC reads this

John Mills turbineltd at btconnect.com
Mon Jul 23 06:55:06 EDT 2007

Ostaszewski: Rockin' the vote


The question we must ask ourselves with the departure of Blair is this: Can
we still trust Great Britain? Yes, the nation has historically been our
closest ally. Yes, they have enriched the world culturally by giving us some
of the greatest rock bands of all time. And yes, who doesn't enjoy a nicely
toasted English muffin once in a while? But is that enough?

I can answer that with one word: Eric. Along with a second word: Clapton.
Eric Clapton's guitar solos alone should be enough to give the United
Kingdom a free pass with every other Western nation for the remainder of the
21st century. Britain could accidentally nuke an entire country off the face
of the earth, say France, and the rest of Western civilization would just
shrug and figure that's an even trade solely for Clapton's work as a member
of Derek and the Dominos.


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